Carpenter Co.

We worked with Carpenter Company, one of America's leading manufacturers of sleep and comfort cushion products, to create a national awareness campaign for its pillows and bedding bearing the Sleep Better™ seal. We penned the "Wizards of Nod" campaign theme and the Sleep better tagline, "The quiet science behind sleep" to call attention to Carpenter's Sleep Better™ experts - the scientists, engineers and technicians responsible for the science behind the Sleep Better™ brand. The campaign, incorporating a series of national print ads that ran in Southern Living, Sunset, Real Simple, More, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, a Sleep Better website and a series of consumer polls, was designed to build awareness of the Sleep Better™ brand of pillows and bedding to a wider consumer audience. The result: both awareness and sales have increased considerably and polls that we conducted three years ago are still being cited and referenced by nationally syndicated reporters.

Ad agency: Riddick; PR agency: KM Communications; Creative Director: D. Payne; Writers: D. Payne, P. Morand; Art Director: L. Powell